NYInc Magazine runs first Green Issue

In it's most recent issue the NYInc Magazine covered the subject of "How Green Are We?"

As part of their in-depth reporting the magazine named 13 EcoPeople that are considered the brightest advocates for the Green Movement and Sustainability in the city.

Sean Neill (Managing Director at Transcend Equity and owner of Cycle-7) was named as one of the thirteen "Green leaders."

Part of Sean's interview:

As managing director at Transcend Equity Development Inc., Sean Neill has worked with large buildings for years and understands the difficulties landlords face in retrofitting properties. That’s why, last year, he started Cycle-7 to help landlords jump the legal and financial hurdles on their way to becoming green by developing financial strategies that will generate a return. In the same vein, Transcend invests in buildings to fund retrofits, with “no debt or liens associated—secured only by the savings,” says Neill. Transcend has funded about 30 retrofits so far, and will fund about 10 more this quarter. Neill hopes that by investing in buildings, the energy savings that are generated will be used to pay for the retrofit.

Read more about the other twelve EcoPeople named by the magazine.

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