The Green Skyscraper | The Energy Collective

The Green Skyscraper | The Energy Collective

We recommend this blog post by David Levy (professor) mainly because he does a good job of laying the groundwork for the need in LEED EB. There are several big thoughts to consider when reading his blog post:

- LEED EB projects are up 35% since last year
- NYC has over 5,000 buildings that are classified as skyscrapers, and over 900,000 buildings in total
- 80% of NYC's greenhouse emissions are created from these skyscrapers
- In the United States as a whole, 38% of greenhouse emissions are created by commercial buildings
- 85% of the buildings in NYC by 2030 already exist today

So, in summary, LEED EB is growing rapidly and it won't slow down anytime soon. This also means the financial modeling of how to pay for all these projects will continue to expand and innovate the industry.

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